Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pardon me


The mornin business beckons me Possum's! Excuse me while I take care of business!

Feelin better already! Now that that's out of the way. Let the coffee flow! I could swim in an ocean of coffee this mornin! The air is cool down here in Nashville land. Got down to 46 degrees last night. I hear this is the norm for the week. Ya'll will hear no complaints from me! The fall time my favorite.

Twas a movie fest here yesterday. The library has lots of movies to see. Just check them out! We were watchin such movies as....

1. Nim's Island
2. Lady in the Water
3. The Lake house
4. The Spiderwick Chronicles
5. Let it Snow
6. Tin Man

The neighbors were nice and brought us a grilled cheese and a hot bowl of chili! Better than eaten popcorn or any kind of munchies that aren't good for ya.

Happy midweek Possum's! Bubba

Tuesday, September 29, 2009



We are welcomin three new additions to the Sock Drawer this mornin Possum's! Let's give them a warm Sock Drawer welcome! And may I introduce them ta ya'll over a nice cup of coffee on this wonderful fall mornin! Michelle Binowski the artist in question is the creator of these cute Sokitumes! Ya'll can find her on www.Etsy.com and also on her very own website www.sokitumes.com

Now...on with the introduction of these delightful characters. I guess I should start off with the very lovely Darla. She is the blue striped one with all the bling! She dearly loves bling!

Next up is Leon. He's the orange one of the bunch. He loves pizza and won't admit to eatin the box as well. Sneaky little guy. The pizza delivery guy hates him now and he's only been here one night!

The littlest guy there in black stripes hitched a ride with the other two. He wants ta be a singer and has a plan. As you can see,he has discovered Bubba's guitar! Will the singin never stop?

We welcome them here into Bubba's Sock Drawer! I guess I should put my website in my blog as well. It's a long one! So here it is....

This website is way outdated and I'm working on a new one. So my Possum's....Ya'll we'll have that to look forward to. Hope everyone is havin a great Tuesday! I know I am! Bubba

Monday, September 28, 2009

Step right up


Step right up and get your tickets here Possum's! The day is glorious with plenty of sunshine. Nice and cool out. A good day to sit on the porch and have your mornin coffee. Nice Chocolate Truffle flavored to be exact. The best part of wakin up is chocolate in your cup.

The sun comes through the front windows and is a welcome sight after 2 weeks of rain! Makes me smile with glee! Mike informs me it's house cleanin day. Not fun! But it always makes us feel better when we clean us up. It's Monday! A great start to my week!

Yesterday we rested and relaxed with movies throughout the day. I did watch Over The Hedge again. It's the funniest. I love when RJ opens the bag of chips and the cheese powder goes out across the forest! It's shows a mushroom cloud of cheese on the planet! It's to funny!

I hope all is well! Have a great week! Bubba

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Reportin from the city


Rollin down the lazy river on a Sunday afternoon. And a Music city hello my Possum's. The air is brisk and fall like today and the leaves have started thier fall. I have the coffee brewin and the aroma fills the air as I sit and tell ya'll of my journey into the city. I clearly chatted with a Cheetah and spoke Chimpanzee. What else does a Sock Monkey do on a visit to the city. I counted all the toad stools from all the rain. The biggest toad stools ya ever did see.

I didn't know wheather to pull out my guitar and sing for my supper! With all the musicians in town I don't think it would have gotten me very far. I should visit the southern oricle and ask them why. As the dragon flies it was 10,000 miles away as ya'll well know. My luck dragon was in for a tune up so that wouldn't be a thought to tinker with now would it? I just sit back and take another sip of my coffee and ponder for the moment.

Did ya'll see where Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs beat out Bruce willis at the box office this weekend? Disney wins every time. Sorry Bruce old boy at the age of 55. I'll bet his movie was just as good though. His action films are pretty awesome. After a long nap and a sleepily wonder down the stairs afterwards,I mellowed out of the sofa for a while. A ray of sunshine traveled in through the window as I watched dust particles slide down it. Doin the dust bowl swirl in mid air!

The sun is settin over Nashville just now. The air nice and cool as if fall is to begin at any moment. Pumpkins and mums are out in grocery stores just waitin for October to start. The richness of the colors this time of year will simply take your breath away. Warm invitin colors. A hot cup of cider is in order at that very moment. Fall festivals all in operation down the lane.

Hope everyones week gets off to a great start. Bubba

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Music city jazz


The goodest of evenins ta ya'll and yours Possum's! Some say Goodest isn't a word,but I'm a Sock Monkey that says "who cares"? Silly to fret over somethin so trivial. it's the Music city jazz as a bad influience. The jazz just swirls around in your head sometimes. As a Sock Monkey with the biggest imagnation in the land,I sometimes sit and ponder such things. Maybe,just maybe,it the ployfil and we all know what that causes from time to time. Stuffiness? LOL! Might I be so bold as to say it? And if ya'll look in the other direction you'll see Dr. Doolittle sailin off to find the great pink sea snail. We'll have to study accient shellfish,but it's absolutely positively the Sock Monkeiest! And that's all that matters in the world. Besides.....The giant Lunar moth will give me a ride to the moon. Providin we can get the saddle made. So if you happen to have a bunch of natives in bright colored costumes around,Why then they can sit in the lines we've drawn in the sand to form the moths size. Don't make me go all Disney on you!

But what puzzles me.....is the fact that Dr. Doolittle didn't ever learn to speak Sock Monkey. And yes! We were around even durin the filmin of the movie. It twas Rex Harrison that was the after thought. The Sock Monkey came first. But really we think no one else could have played the part. Rex Harrison was a great actor!

On to a more serious note. I'm happy to report the rain finally did stop. I could hear the faint screams of the grass and potted flowers as they were drownin. Not much a simple Sock Monkey can do bout it. I told them it could be worse. Ya'll could be floatin up the river as they are in Georgia. It's not a pretty sight. May God bless those people and help them find dry land. Not a good feelin to see ones life go floatin off down the river.

As I gather myself and head off to the kitchen for a nice cozy mug of hot chocolate,I came across the most wonderful marvelous thing! A bar of chocolate that could not wait for my teeth to sink into. I think upon my teeth meetin the choclate in question,that my eyes did roll back in my head and a bit of dreul ran down my chin. I don't know who is more of a fan! Homer Simpson and his donut or me and my choclate. I guess I win cause I'm in 3D of a character and he's only 2D.

I'm a Sock Monkey full of chatter this wonderful Saturday evenin. But it is my right here in my own Sock Drawer. There isn't any better feelin in the world than to lay on top of a pile of Socks! It's a ritaul I intend to enjoy as much as possible. I could be off in the pantry after a twinky! Ever wonder how they get the cream inside? OK! So ya'll saw it on the food Network channel. Far be it for me to find an interestin subject to flap my red heeled Sock lips about. I just sayin!

The Teddy Bears sit high atop of the antique chest in a big basket. They sit and whisper to each other. No one know what they have so much to talk about. But he who brings the island back,will live as a God for a thousand moons. It's clearly written in the rule book. All spoken with an orange cloth wrapped aorund yourself and feathers on your head. So just sit back and order a pizza for dinner.

I think the Sock Monkeys in Japan got it all right. But what perplexes me is what is the simble for Sock Monkey? Is there such a thing? One can't help but wonder. Perhaps they'll read our blog and respond. I'm quite kerbobbled about it.

So here's to you and yours on this quiet evenin.Bubba



This is where ya'll enter The Sock Drawer at! Hidy Ho Possum's! Two and a half weeks later and it's still rainin! S'pose ta end today they claim. The sun did make an appearance for a small minute earlier. Folks in Georgia are floatin by. They are flooded down that way.

Did get a chance ta go and See the 3D Partly Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs this week. Really cute movie! I'm still wantin ta see the movie 9,but haven't gotten around to it. I'm sure I will all in good time.

Saturdays are the best! Bubba

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The biggest Sock Monkey cake ever


Check out this huge Sock Monkey cake done on the Food Network Challenge! Now thats a cake! Good Mornin Possum's! We'll just say this cake is for Happy Sock Monkey day!! I just made it up,but whatever. The things I dream up while havin my mornin coffee...well....ya know. Any hooooo as Savannah likes to quote me.

The rain is still comin. All week we are havin rain. I watched the movie Wolverine Origins. Really good movie. Lots of action and keeps ya sittin on the edge of your seat. Good for rainy day fun. That and I was gluein knives to my knuckles so I could pretend I was Wolverine. LOL! Just kiddin Possum's,but twas funny just the same.

The subject of Peanut butter M&M's has come up this week. Yummy and delious I might add. They melt in your mouth not in your hand. That's what I've always been told. The story can also be passed from person to person and presented to the third. Its quite funny. Their your real friends they say. Anyhooooooo......Savannah......

CEO darlins! Here in the South of no where. And thats what I have to say bout that. Bubba

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday mornin on the wall


Hello Possum's once again! I'm just sittin here this mornin surffin the net for serious Sock Monkey web sites. I'm really not impressed at what I find. I was hopin ta find folks whom are serious bout their Sock Monkey friends. I have found just a few. Mostly folks who want ta make a buck! I call it Sock MOnkey slavery. Not a pretty site. I know our humans are adult people who really shouldn't be playin with a Sock Monkey ta start with. Folks think they are weird. There is really no harm in havin a little fun. Think Sock Monkey geek! Lets see a little more fun people!

We've got more rain in our forcast. S'pose ta be all week. Ya'll know what that means! Rainy day fun with your Sock Monkey! Follow your Sock Monkey around with a camera. Get wild and crazy with it!! Then post it on a web site for all ta see!

I've got a cup of Chocolate Truffle coffee in hand this mornin as I start off my day. Nothin like flavored coffee to crank your engines as ya'll all head out to work. At least it brings a smile to your face. And then some! Puts a spring in your step! You'll tap dance a little jig as you head out to your car.

Mike is comin down with a cold. He's not feelin so good at present. I heard the cough with a rattle in his chest for the first time this mornin. Please don't sneeze in my direction i tell him. I may be a Sock,but I'm nothin ta wipe your nose on. I guess thats all I got for now! Bubba

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Walkin naked in a corn field


I'm not really walkin naked in a corn field,but I got ya'lls attention! How the hell are ya on this fine Saturday afternoon? We've had lots of rain this week and there is still more to come. Seems we'll be havin rain all next week accordin ta YahOOOOOOOO! It's the bible accordin to the weather I swear! I swaney! Honey child of the Sock Monkey warehouse!!!!

Not much goin on today but movies and readin on such an overcast day. Readin a good love story a sittin up tall in a bubblebath. Got a hot cup of the best Jo ya'll can muster. The steam risin up ta tickle your nose. The book so good ya just can't put it down. The love story more steamy than your cup of JO. Books are so wonderful. You can go anywhere just by openin the cover. Books love anyone whom opens them. Mike and I have always had a thing for books. We can read the entire day away if we take a mind to. And sometimes we do. I guess I should start up a good readin list of the things I enjoyed. Maybe it would inspire ya'll ta pick up a book every onest in a while. Might do your brain some good. Bubba

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The rain falls past my window


Welcome Possum's to my Sock Drawer! I'm just sittin here watchin the rain. It rained all day yesterday and this mornin as well. As you can see,there are leaves fallin to the ground. We are right on the line of where summer and fall meet. We are about to step into the fall zone! It rained so hard you can see the wetness on the window screen. I had ta put down my SHAM-WOWs to keep the water off. They work I might add! SHAM-WOWS!!!! Don't let me sound like the commercial. It just ain't fittin.

Remember the song"Puff the magic dragon?" Mary Travers was one of a folk group trio that sang the song. She has passed away. It was on Yahoo this mornin. More sad news. I was hummin the song as I wiped up rain water with my SHAM-WOWS!

I've been lookin up online ta see if I can find someone whom makes Sock Monkey clothes. Can't find a single person. I can find all these Sock Monkey sites where folks like to make Sock Monkeys,but not clothes for us. Mike can make clothes for me,but he doesn't always have the time to sit at the machine and creat. I'll keep lookin.

Looks to be a busy day here. I hope ya'll have a great day! Bubba

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday mornin in the rain


Good mornin Possum's on a rainy Wednesday! Love the rainy day effect on my life. Rainy days are made for readin a good book and carryin on with a good cup of coffee. God has truely blessed Mike and myself. Things are going great!

We will never know all the good that a simple smile can do. (author unknown)

Thats why I have been smilin my red heeled smile all my sock monkey born life. I hope and pray that it has done someone really well. Smiles are free and they always come back to you.

Last night we looked up online Stop animation for Sock Monkeys! Found some really cute youtube videos. Someone has actually done stop animation of Sock Monkeys! We enjoyed them truely. Gave a giggle to say the least. Would love to see Tim Burton do a full length stop animation film with Sock Monkeys. So Tim if your listenin........Sock Monkeys the word.

The leaves are startin ta fall here in Nashville. Looks like fall is just around the corner. Startin ta see pumpkins and mums all around out at the stores and such. Scarecrows popin up here and there. Some places have already started sellin costumes for Halloween. What am I gonna be for Halloween? Well I haven't figured that out yet. I haven't dressed up in many years. Maybe this year I will get into the spirit of the season. We shall just have to wait and see.

Hope Wednesday holds many wonderful things for ya'll! Bubba

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Very sad day indeed


Good mornin Possum's. I might be sittin here in all the bright colors that look so cheerful and all,but it's a sad day indeed. Patrick Swayze has pasted away at the age of 57 today. The evils of cancer took his young life. God has taken him home. Twas a great actor and dancer. We have all enjoyed his movies over the years. We all love you and say good-bye to a wonderful person. God Bless the family.

A MOMENT OF SILENCE.........................................................................................................................

The rain has claimed the day here in the early hours of the mornin. S'pose ta have rain today and tomorrow. All Mike's plants have made their way into the rain for waterin. They are all lookin so wonderful. Can't wait ta see if the Christmas cactus really blooms at Christmas. Have a great Tuesday. Bubba

Monday, September 14, 2009

Stunt double


There I am way up top there in the ride car! Well....It's really my stunt double. But it really looks as if it's me! Used a stunt double cause they didn't want ta use the green screen. This is real live action before your very eyes. They were worried that if I did it myself...Well...ya know. I am a 50 year old Sock Monkey.

The day was a nice as nice could be. A brisk walk in the park was what the day beheld for me. Not a bad day I might add. Watched a couple of movies made dinner and chilled. The grass finally got mowed this evenin. We been kinda lettin it go. Not much in the mood for lawn mowin here of late. Thought maybe it just might turn off cold and kill the grass,but way to early for that. So out comes the mower!

S'pose ta have rain this P.M. and tomorrow and Thursday as well. Hope it'll help our tomoato plants,but this year they haven't produced like they should have. Heard many folks speak of this summer time tragedy. We have enjoyed the few that we got. Very thankful for them!

Hope all is well for Possum Monday. Bubba

Sunday, September 13, 2009



There's a Blizzard at the fair! And one I can certainly live with. Only a ride Possum's. Probably the word of the week as folks still try and stupidly I might add. And A.K. gets the finger of the week again. They never stop. At any rate they can't get me down! Try as they might.

At last entry,I was placed with Snake girl. Time to walk away from that one. To fake for words. A waste of a perfectly good $1.00 to see her.

Did everyone see the newest Paris Hilton quote? This one earned her a place in quote history accordin ta YaHOOOOO! Goes a little somethin like this...."Dress cute wherever you go,life is to short to blend in." I like that one. I wrote it down. Course Mike and I have never blended in anywhere or at anytime. Mike tells me all his life folks have tried to force his circle into a square hole. Doesn't matter how ya look at it,it ain't gonna happen. Wasn't meant to be. Sorry if ya don't like what ya see......Bite me! Thats all ya gonna get!

Anyhooooooooooooo............................................. :@) Looks like a clown right? Bubba

Snake girl


Great day and a good Sunday mornin! Another fair photo ta share. I told ya bout the freak shows member? Now....let's take a minute here and think bout the snake girl thang. First off,if this really existed,don't ya'll think it would be headline news for years? Second,someone has crossed some DNA's somewhere along the line. This creature could not even live. I did not have the chance to see her this go round,but I did see her in fairs gone past. It was very obvious that there were trick mirrors in place. The box/cage it was in, just happened to be large enough underneath for a person to lay in. Huge clue to start off. But it wouldn't be the fair if there weren't these kinds of thing ta see. I'm just sayin!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Sunday mornin cause I have. Back from church and havin a nice cup of JO! Good cup of JO! So I thought I'd sit here and share my blog with folks as I do enjoy this time to type/talk. In the quiet of my Nashville home. The dogs are sleepin on the sofa.

Mike thinkin up a salad for lunch. Feelin guilty bout the huge funnel cake at the fair yesterday. Every once in a while is OK. Ya just can't have one everyday! He explained to me that the one he enjoyed at the fair wasn't the best one he ever had,but was good. Seemed the need to cook it a little longer. Was doughy in the thickest parts. Covered in powdered sugar and chocolate! My mouth waters at the very thought of one just now. We'll save it for next years fair. *wink*

Wonderful day as far as the weather goes. Nice cool mornin. The low last night twas 59 degrees. Lovein the start of fall time! Out come the pumpkins. Saw them at Wal-mart after church. They are already out for sell. The mums at every turn and lookin beautiful! Love fall colors. They are very rich deep colors. Warm and invitin. If ya'll remember last year,we bought a pumpkin and saved it till new years before we craved it. That was fun. Maybe we'll turn that into tradition. I'll let ya'll know.

It's the day of rest so that's where I'm headed! To the sofa! Bubba

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Prise winnin Tobacco


Hay! Yes pun intended! I'm at the fair! What'll ya'll expect? havin fun the name of the fair game. Kay! Anyhoooooo......Might I direct your attention to the back of the room where there are rather large quanities of Tobacco! Prise winnin Tobacco! Did anyone bring rollin papers? I think I need ta check out this tobacco just hangin around. I promise I'll leave the ribbons behind! LOL! We'll have to step outside,but I don't think that presents a problem. Now....If ya'll can get past the guard at the door with it,is the real challenge. If ya time it just right,and someone opens the door to come inside,ya make a run for it! I'm only 22 inches high. Maybe no one will see me. They'll think I'm part of the exibit bein a Sock Monkey and all. The first question that'll pop into their heads is how did the Sock Monkey get out of the art exibit buildin? All I have ta do is lay down on the floor and they'll think I'm a first place,not to mention best in show. Ya know I have a couple of those ribbons stashed away for just such a cover up.

Ya'll know I'm just kiddin right? I have it on good authority That Sock Monkeys can bring a smile to folks. I may be a tired old Sock Monkey from way back in the 60's,but I still got game left in me.

So now I have all these fair pictures ta show ya'll and still Photo bucket has not corrected the problem of me being able to get more than one photo into a blog at a time. I've tried every thing they have put on photo bucket and still nothing works. I have contacted them on several occasions. No help from them. They have answered some jibberish that didn't work either. I'll have a different fair photo on each and every blog until I'm satisfied ya'll have seen my experience at the Tennessee State Fair. Hey! Pun intended once again...Don't-cha walk out and get bored!


Saturday Fair


Well......Possum's.......I ah......Went back to the fair today. I just wanted to make sure there wasn't a Sock Monkey entered somewhere I missed it! Yeah,thats it! And yes this is a real scene from the fair! Not one of Mike's crazy art projects. I arrived there bout 10:30 A.M. this mornin. The real reason was to use the ticket I had bought at Kroger. Last might as ya'll well know,they let us all in for free. I didn't want to waste the ticket I bought. Can't get a refund on it. No one wanted it. I couldn't give it away. So Why not spend my Saturday at the fair. Didn't want to sit around and stare at the four walls.

Mike and I may be grown ups ,but we still think the fair is a fun way to walk around and get exercise. We don't ride anything,just walk. It's so colorful! Got to see some shows. Trained dog acts,clog dancers,livestock judgin etc. etc.!

I was bad on my diet! Had a burger and fries for lunch! I did try and make myself feel better bout it by havin a diet coke with it. Out on the midway....I ah....had a......Funnel cake! OUCH! There went 700 calories! I guess I'll spend my week doin Richard Simons!

Ya gotta have fair food when ya go. There's nothin like it! You have everything ya need if ya just believe. That and a pocketbook full of money! Very expensive! But it is what it is.

Thats my fair story and I'm stickin to it! This is Bubba S. Monkey reportin at fair sidelines. Bubba

The Tennessee State Fair


Good Mornin Possum's and fair goers! Last night was awesome! Ole Mike and I saddled up and went down to the Tennessee State Fair last night. Bein 9/11 they let us all in for free! How awesome is that? Had a big fanfare for the openin! The armed forces color Guard came a marchin in with their flags and all uniformed up! They presented Nes Electric with a huge check to pay for the electric they would be usin this year. The first four days of the fair will be powered the green way whatever that means. The Mayor turned out and made a speech of course. One police woman sang A Hero lies in you. The Police men and women sittin high a top their horses lookin all spiffy. Bout 20 of 'em in a row all lined up. Out came this big ole light switch! The Mayor came up and turned on all the lights to the rides to open the fair up. Twas really touchin! Excitin ta say the least!

This year they went all out and all the rides were new this year! They really had the fair grounds suited up for us city folks! I only noticed two freak shows this year. One was a human headed snake woman and the other was the tinyest woman in the world.

Mike and I hit up the arts exibit buildin. All the home made quilts were so colorful and pretty. Lots of photography shots entered and paintins. They had folks enter their canned goods they canned themselves. Veggies of all sorts and sizes entered. Baked goods,decorated cakes,gingerbread houses with blue ribbons flyin in the wind! The largest Pumpkin and watermelons so big I could carve myself out a house and live in it till it rotted. Watermelons so big,that if they sliced it up,there would have been enough to serve everyone that attended the fair last night! Now thats mighty big!

While we were inside lookin at all the exibits,outside there came up a rain like nobodies business! It rained for the rest of the night! They had to shut down all the rides for safety purposes. Meanwhile,back inside, Mike and I headed over to watch the livestock bein entered in the fair happenins. Cows and goats mainly. Farmers from all over bringin out their best animals ta show! I saw steak! Get me the steak sauce out!! Grade A prime rib! I'm just kiddin.

A good evenin was had by all! The rain did not even spoil a single thang! Have a great fair! Bubba

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sock Monkey Syndrome


Good mornin pets and Possums! Here we are on 9/11. We took a moment here at Bubba's Sock Drawer for those lost and their families. We will always remember. May God bless you.

I've been reading my new book by Rebecce Sprowls called Sock Monkey Syndrome. A very good read for those of us believin in God. Hope ya'll can get yourselves a copy and read it. It didn't take long for me to read it,but a great way to spend an evenin. Very inspirational. My hat off to ya Ms. Sprowls for a great write. Thank you for the message. Thank you God for sending your message through Ms Sprowls.

Around here,however,we don't look backwards for very long. we keep moving forward,opening up new doors and doing new things,because we're curious...And curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. Keep moving forward. Walt Disney


Monday, September 7, 2009

Hot Dog


Well...here it is. The Labor day meal. Hot dogs always a personal favorite of mine. True,I did nuke them. I cheated the grill out of its last summer fling. Hunger waits for no one. Sittin around today watchin an old classic. The fantastic voyage. Ms. Welch debut film. Went quite well with my hot dogs.

Hope all your Labor Day dreams come true. Bubba

Labor Day


I'm not sure this is what they meant by Labor Day or not,but shouldn't I be takin the day off like everyone else? Ha ha right? When your at home that is. Still got to clean the house. Now on my second cup of coffee I might add. Happy Labor day to the lot of you! Hope ya'll been getting ready for your cookouts. The sun is shinin here in Nashville. Pretty day ta get out.

Did ya'll see on yahoo yesterday? Michael Jacksons glove sold at auction! Went for $48,400.00! Was estimated to sell for $30,000.00. Yep! The glove was jeweled. That'll tell ya it is real. Who would be able to afford puttin jewels on a glove right? Why Michael Jacksom of course. Don't make me get out my bedazzler! Thats about as close as I could come to it.

What to do on a Labor Day? Well,I don't rightly know. Kick back I suppose and pop a movie in. I don't want to fire up the grill. To much work. I'll just cook mine in the microwave. No fire to deal with and no clean up.

Celebrate the American worker I always say. Bubba

Saturday, September 5, 2009



Now that's much better. I went and took a nap. When ya wake up refreshed,thats when coffee and a cigarette really mean something. It's a serious mornin tradition. Got some nice Josh Groban palyin in the background. Now thats the way to wake up with folgers in your cup! Course....ours is more along the lines of the Kroger brand big bulk coffee. I like to sit and pretend its Folgers. The neighbors...they don't know the difference. They think Folgers has out a new flavor. Mountain grown? Sure!

So anyhoo....it's Saturday! First day of our three day weekend. I like to think of it as four day weekend. I was celebratin on Friday,thats why.

The Tennessee State Fair starts on the 11th of September. Got ticket in hand and ready to fair it. They claim its all new rides this year. That'll be fun ta see. I must go at night ta see all the lights. Make for some cool pictures. Was glad ta get the Kroger discount. $5.00 at Kroger and $9.00 at the gate! Ya'll do the math. I'm just sayin.


Great day in the mornin


Great day in the mornin Possum's! That's just it! I should be playin Possum layin in bed! But nnnnoooooo! I'm up early drinkin my coffee. I guess I should not be goin ta bed so early in the evenin. Makes ya get up early the next mornin and before sunrise! The rooster is still asleep! Folks might start ta think I'm the early bird that got the worm or somethin. All I got was bloodshot eyes and coffee for blood. Did someone forget ta turn on the sun? I think the moon is just on overtime. And it's been full and all! Makes my poly-fil shimmer and shake! Didn't do nothin for my button eyes either.

So what's a Sock Monkey supose ta do this early in the mornin? Pretend your just comin in from a rough night? Stumble a little,pretend ta fall on your face? Or sit and contemplate a $30,000,000.00 merger? Fancy knitted dress sock,mergin into The Sock Drawer! Perhaps I should go and buy stocks in the Rockford red heeled sock corp.! Ya end up doin weird stuff when ya get up this early. Not natural. The scary part bout the whole thing? I'm sittin here thinkin bout it.

Perhaps I should go into the kitchen and play hop-scotch on the kitchen ceramic tile. Remember the old metal Jax? I could throw them at the wall as Nija weapons. They would stick in the wall if ya threw them hard enough. Use my Slinky to tie up Raggedy Ann. She won't mind. I think she secretly likes it. They should call it the Slinky-kinky!

Maybe shoot my 8 ball out of a cannon at Barbies Malibu mansion. Bitch got it to good. She needs a little trouble in her life. Do ya know what is a scary thought ta me? How are we goin to explain Barbie to bein's from other worlds,when and if they come here? Their gonna look at us and tell us we buried our planet with all the plastic! Barbie is not green at all! She got the dream house and I got the dream projects! Can we talk people?! I like to pop their heads off and toss it around. Livin the dream girl! Are ya feelin the love people?

Yea through yonder window I see the dawn approachin! Dawn! This is where I throw up my hands and walk away. Bubba

Friday, September 4, 2009

4 Day weekend!!!!!!


It's the Labor Day weekend sale! Just kiddin Possum's! Hope ya'll got many wonderful plans for the up and comin Holiday weekend. Red,white and blue and a little bit of rollin around in the dirt. Freedom stuff,Labor and a few sparklely stars are on the agenda. Big *poof* and all! Down at the Piggley Wiggley ya'll might even find a pound or two of ground beef on sale. Fire up the grill,cause I'm celebrating Labor! Bubba's Sock Drawer staff will be mighty hungry.

We'll meet down at the ball field where the company tent will be provided for those of ya'll Whom need to get out of the sun for a minute. Washtubs filled with ice and loaded with beer! Colas will be provided as well. Keep all arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times. Do not exit the vehicle until we come to a complete stop! Emergency exits here,here and here. Fire extingishers in the rear. (fireworks off in the distance)

So tell me again. Why am I celebratin Labor? Why can't I celebrate bein kicked back? Pop a cold one and unbutton my pants. I am American folkart ya know. Born and raised in the arts and craft period. So there ya go!

I want to celebrate out on the back pourch smokin a stoggy with a shot of whiskey with the boys. Spit in the dirt kind of stuff. The shot of the big W burnin as it goes down will make ya slap ya mama! Tears well up in ya eyes. Seconds later....ya got the look of stupid on ya face! "Feelin Groovy" as we use ta say in the day. Makes ya want ta run naked in the rain. But smooth........................................

So now ya got the funny look on ya face, and a silly grin. Bloodshot eyes are a dead give away as ya stumble over your own feet comin across the yard. I'm cool baby,Im cool. All ya got ta do is believe. Throw in a smiggin of faith and ya got yourself a whole lot of gifts.

Before I forget and some of ya'll bout bust a gut,TGIF! Yep! Today we celebrate its Friday. Knowin we got a three day weekend. We got to at least pretend we celebratin Labor. I'll go for a game of cards instead.

This is the official kick off to the weekend! HEY! Don't burn that burger! Bubba

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What a summer!


What a summer Possum's! Bubba is back in the saddle once again. We had some down time due to lots going on here in the south of no where. Country music still goin on and all that jazz. No worries there. Been on the movie watch as ya'll know. Seen the newest Harry Potter movie,Austrailia,New in Town and I don't know what all. The theatre scene was positively interestin. Got Mozart playing and a cup of cultural coffee sittin right here off to the side and havin a wonderful evenin. OK! If I must,pinky extended. CEO the fools word of the week. And fools they all have been. The funny part is they call it CHRISTIAN. These very same people helped a certain someone to loose their job. And in the name of Jesus! 10 fold guys. Better go and read that part again. We forgive them just the same.

Have a nice day! Bubba