Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cop Thursday


A policeman livin in the nieghborhood certianly gives me a sense of security and well bein! Not to mention I get to lay all over the cop car and take pictures! I'm a bad Sock Monkey with a purpose! Well...not really,but it's fun ta think about anyway. It twas another "what do ya do in the middle of the night when ya have ta stay up cause ya work on over nights." I'm here ta tell ya! We lay on cop cars and take photos! LOL! Am I bad?

The coffee flowin like a river in the kitchen fills the air with a wonderful smell. I sit here and dream of goin ta see the new Star Trek movie. Looks ta be a good one accordin to the previews. Savannah Jane will be attendin the showin with her newly found boyfriend. Mike and I will have ta go and see it by ourselves as usual.

We were suppose ta have rain Wednesday,Thursday and Friday. So far it has yet to manifest itself. Sure hope it doesn't rain on my parade for this Saturday. My surprise for you guys will be ruined. Lets all keep our fingers crossed and say a little prayer.

I guess that about covers it for now. Bubba

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The warm up


Looks like the day got off to a great start! It did warm up a bit. I think the high today is 67? Beautiful spring day! The sun is shinin finally! Although I'm told there is rain comin for Wednesday,Thursday and Friday. So we'll just enjoy the day as the comin days won't be so nice. The newly gotten cactus teardrop is all planted and doin good thus far. Ya'll guessed it! The shadow? It's Mike's big head gettin in the way! Stealin my close up attraction! Back off photo man! LOL!

The mornin walk has already proceeded and he's loaded with energy! Honestly.....what do ya'll do with a Sock Monkey owner? They can be a royal pain sometimes. But-cha got ta lov'em! At least he doesn't let me sit around and collect dust! I've gotta give it to him on that one!

We got a big surprise for this weekend. I'm not gonna tall ya'll what it is yet. So be sure ya'll stay tuned for this weekends blog. Let the spring and summer begin! Lots ta do out and about Nashville. The fair should be comin soon. I will be checkin out the website to see when the correct dates are. Loads of new art work ta see. So thats one good thing ya'll have ta look forward to. This weekend is way better than that! Mums the word! I'm keepin my red heel smile sealed.

The trains across the street are rushin on bye. Their horns ehco off in the distance. Places ta go. Bubba

The Tuesday off


I'm up early this mornin. What did I find when I got up? Why it's 50 degrees! Are ya'll kiddin me? Enough with the cold weather already! Some states were down ta 38 last night. Let the coffee brew! Need some warmin up.

They are puttin Mike back on the day shift for two weeks. He's not happy about it at all! In jobs past,they were glad to have someone who would do the over night shifts! They come in and have plenty of cakes to sale. Makes no sense ta say the least. Night time folks were always a treasure cause no one ever wanted ta do it. Was told he would be doin this permanent. Now another store in the area needs a bakery manager and one of our own wants the job. So everyones life has been turned upside down. He might be rethinkin things.

Everyone ready for the new Star Trek movie? Mike can't wait ta see it! The previews look really good. It did pretty good in it's openin weekend. We have that ta look forward to. Lets just see if they can really do a good a job as the one in the 60's is brought to life with different actors playin the same rolls. Kirk and Spock brought back to life. Could be inerestin.

Mike will be out walkin as soon as it warms up. The weight almost completely gone now. He's done a really good job at workin it all off. The last few pounds are always the hardest ta get off. Lookin good at 50 Mike! You better work!

Found out someone has been listenin in on my phone. Folks can tap into your phone and listen to every word you say even when your phone is off. Ya'll have to take the battery out to shut it down. It has been reported and the ones doin it are gettin ready for a big surprise they never thought would happen.

Lock and load Possums! It is the agenda of the day. Feelin groovy and all that jazz. Have a great day! Toodles! Bubba

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sock of the day


So here we are on the Sunday eve of Mothers day! Hope all my Possums had a great day! Moms all full on a great steak lunchin and got her control top hose rolled down and sacked out on the couch. Alls well that ends well. I'm just layin here with my relatives and enjoyin the day. The overcast day leads me to believe we just might have more rain on the way. Not a bad deal if your a duck or a plant. Don't choke on your own spit over the deal.

Our Chihuahuas have been walked and they are chowin down on kibbles. The long walk to the kitchen sink to fill their water bowl seemed to take a road trip effect. The things a owner has ta deal with. Sure! Make me get off the sofa! I was just sittin there thinkin the remote was a permanent extension of my natural hand. Go ahead! Burst my dreams! They just sit there lookin cute,stairin with their little heads turned ever so slightly as if ta say "what the hell is he talkin about?" OMG! What a drama queen! Just fill the water bowl and keep'em comin! You better work! Kibbles fillin their tummies,stop to catch a snooze. So now by this time,I had ta leave the sofa,thus makin me burn calories and I'm totally worn out! Bein a Sock monkey of age doesn't make it any easier. Ya'll know I'm half way to one hundred! I have lots of Sock wisdom stored up for all my years of collectin dust on a shelf! I forgot,I'm not that Sock Monkey. Funny thing is I've never really had time to sit around and collect dust. Mike keeps me pretty busy in front of the camera.

Work lures Mike out on a almost rainy night. Two days off just ahead and after this shift I speak of at this precise moment. Mothers day cakes flew out the door the last two days. Mike has been quite busy ta say the least. Holidays command his attention. It seems ta be his lot in life to make everyone elses special moments "special." Bubba

relaxin for the day


Howdy doo with The big Sock Drawer howdy! I'm just sittin here relaxin in my bubble bath of the day. Got a nice hot cup of coffee not to far off in the distance. Ya'll know it! Got a simple hint of chocolate flavor to make it one of those times of my life. And so it is. Here late deep in the night,is the best time for the comfort and relaxation. A really good time ta sneak out and egg A.K.'s house,but we won't get into that just now.

The thundershowers have been beaten down on our heads here in Nashville. The flowers out back are just lovin it. And they are growin like a house fire! Twill be beautiful for the summertime fun! Have'in cocktails out on the back porch watchin the gang activity of the area. The cops are always watchin and sometimes they make a few arrest. When ten police cars show up with blue flashin lights,it looks like Christmas! Have yourself a merry little Christmas in the back of that police car. And look at the nice new handcuff bracelet you received as a specail gift. Isn't it shiney and new lookin? I just pour myself another cocktail and sip my way ta stardom!

I got my people on the photobucket thang. Maybe we can figure out how ta get back to showin more of my pic's like the olden days. Kind of takes all the fun out of it not bein able ta share my pic's as I'd like to. I'll keep ya'll posted as the story unfolds.

By the way Mothers! Happy Mothers day! I'm a mother f-----! Does that count? Happy Sunday possum's! Bubba

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Watermelon watermelon


It's getting that time of year again for the watermelon ta come on out and join every southern table in the land. The rain storms still hittin us pretty hard. The grass is love'in it. Our neighbor barrowed our lawn mower just today. He mows our grass as well for the use of it. Thank you Mr. James! Mike's usually to tired and sleepy from a long nights work. And that's all I have ta say bout that.

And as the story goes,and ya'll know what I'm talkin bout,Things have been all quiet on the P.O. front for now. That was quite the strangeness goin on. We still haven't figured what that was all about. But we guess we'll never know what was goin on in the dudes head at the time. Probably not worth knowin if the truth be told. Another one of A.K.'s stupid pranks. Her chops got busted on that one. Broken bitch face all around. I truely guess she lost a few gray hairs on that one. Let's all dig up the dead poodle in the back yard! LOL! Oh! I forgot! It's sittin right next to her.

Let's not forget Mothers day is this Sunday. Ya'll all rush down to WFM for one of Mike's famous cakes. He's been told he's way to fabulous on them. Mike always replies he's just sprinklin the fairy dust. Ms. T. needs ta take a frickin hike. Take yourself back to your miserable Atlanta where the hot air never stops. Along with A.K. mind ya. Carpet munch on each other.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

April showers bring May flowers


April showers bring May flowers! A sock howdy handshake here at the beginnin of May! It has been rainin for several days now. It's a wet Nashville I must say! Guitars are soggy! If it weren't for cowboy hats and snake skin boots,we'd be in a heep a trouble. But....as the story goes.....alls well in Nashville. Country music sangers are still singin for their supper.

On the brown work sock side of thangs,we all got a hole that needs darnin! Ain't that always the way with a sock? Some got holes in their lives and keep movin on.

The day remains overcast with lots more rain on its way. A nice hot cup of coffee ta start the day off with. Mike took a brisk walk in the park yesterday afternoon. The pounds just fallin off him. I dare say he's lookin for love. Tryin ta get himself lookin sexy and all. he has plans of gettin out and about this summer to find it. I have to tell him that he better not forget about me if he does find the one. True loves first kiss is suppose ta be the most powerful thing there is. Thats the way they tell it in stories anyway. Its not something that can be faked or forced upon someone no matter how may times the A.K. bitch tries to throw folks in your path. The last one was a dosey! She does fit the bill of the evil stepmother queen. What a poison apple that one was she sent this last time. Nice try,but I saw through it first off. If it were real,after knowing each other for a year and a half,would have been datin on the outside of the job. So that right there was the first clue. Secondly,if he were really in love,the job blockin would not have stopped someone truely in love. They would have risk everything to let the other subject know of their affections. True love is a powerful thing that can not be faked! You can see it in their eyes. So....(take a sip of my coffee) We all know the evil queen gets hers in the end. And what an explosin it will be. Life holds many surprises. Poison apples can even come from the fairy princess. Paint a Nissan black and see what I mean.

Have a great day! Bubba