Friday, October 1, 2010

Coffe with Fletcher


Top of the mornin to ya Possum's! Welocome to "Good mornin Sock Monkey" here in Bubba's Sock Drawer! The mornin is rather cool out and about this mornin! I'm here with my good friend Fletcher who has stopped in to have coffee with us this mornin. Let me first say I'm so glad you stopped in to join us Fletcher!

Fletcher: Thanks for havin me in for coffee this mornin Bubba! It's always a pleasure comin to visit Bubba's Sock Drawer! Nice roomy and spacious here amongst all the socks!

Bubba: Fletcher tell all the folks at home how you came about getting those rainbow hands of yours? I certainly know that you and I are the only two Sock Monkeys that I've seen with fingers!

Fletcher: Well it all started when you first got your fingers. Your Dad was sitting around one day and saw that this pair of toe socks he had was worn out and ready for the garbage can. Thus became my new fingers! It was and excitin day! He lovinly wheeled me into Sock Monkey surgery in his studio/sewin room and went to work. The rest is Sock Monkey history! (chuckle out loud)

Bubba: That's an interestin story Fletcher. And one for the Sock Monkey books! Socks are an amazin tool to work with and have been entertainin folks for decades! Had it not been for these pioneernin folks,We the Sock Monkeys would never have been born into the world at large!

Fletcher: Quite right Bubba! Our readers out there are wonderin why we don't have coffee mugs for our coffee.

Bubba: They didn't know we were just sippin it right out of the spout of our tarnished Silver plated coffee pot. I think the tarnish gives it a certain something,don't-cha agree?

Fletcher: The antique look is always in! It goes quite nicely with this eye openin back drop! Socks alive,Bubba, I almost need my sunglasses to look at the bright colors this early in the mornin! But a great look I enjoy.

Bubba: It makes a Sock sit up and take notice. The art department here in Bubba's Sock Drawer is a happenin place ta be, Fletcher. The ideas are always flowin! How they come up with the things they do is simply sittin around the camp fire brain stormin! Dancin in the moonlight Sock Monkey good! Chocolate at sunset good! Sock Monkey festival good!

Fletcher: OK! OK! Bubba let's not get all streched out of shape over it! Here,have another sip of coffee Bubba.

Bubba: I say old chap! That does go down smooth! Cha,cha,cha! Say Fletcher..You and I have something in common. Tell our readers about that.

Fletcher: Your Dad,my owner and Human....Found us both at a flea market! You were hangin from the ceilin and I was dug up out of a box of stuff. Discarded Sock Monkeys that have been brought back to life and in a good lovin home! The possibilities are endless when Socks enter the picture!

Bubba: My Dad does have a passion for a good Sock Story!! Give him a good cup of joe and he's off and runnin!

Fletcher: Sorry for the delay,Bubba, but I'm off to the movie set. Thanks so much for the coffe talk this mornin!

Bubba: Stop on in anytime and we'll do this again! Has been fun havin you here!

Flethcer: Goodbye for now!

Bubba: And that's all the time we have for this Friday mornin! Peace out Socks!