Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oh happy day


Oh happy day Possum's! Fall is here and it's cold out today. They are callin for our first frost tonight! The crochetin is goin quite well and folks love to inmitate me with all that's goin on in my life! flatterin I must say! All the quote'in and shit! Let me point out the shark photo in an earlier post.

Looks to be a wonderful day inside the Sock Drawer. As ya'll can see I already have a new outfit. Mike was up early this mornin and decided I needed some new clothes. Out came the machine and went to work. With a bitchin CEO and a 8 ball,the slinky was workin it! I'll be a crocheted hat with a flower on it! And here it is! Show him some vintage fabric and the sewin machine is smokin! 10 minutes later I was ready for an outtin!

Off ta Cheekwood for a Scarecrow outtin! Mighty cold day for it. Ya'll know I'll be the photo subject of the fall happenin! So all ya'll copy kats head on out ta see what ole Bubba's up to. We'll have a bitchin time! I'll be watchin for ya'll.

Looks ta be a homemade veggie soup day! The weather just calls for it!! That's what Grandpa says is for supper. I know ya'll will bring that up a million times this week as well. keeps us laughin here in the Sock drawer. Got a game board in mind for just this occasion. Everytime ya'll pull it,i'll move a game piece forward. Creatin is our game.

Have a great Saturday! Bubba

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Tuesday madness


Things are goin so well here in the Sock Drawer! Mike and I have been workin on my Halloween costume. I'll not reveal it until Halloween day! So don't even think about askin what I'm gonna be! Now we need ta think of the way I want to carve my pumpkin. That'll come like a walk in the garden.

The crochetin thang is goin pretty well. it gets bigger and bigger! We're not really sure what it is yet. I call it the crocheted blob! Mike doesn't have a clue what he's doin but its all bout the journey. Havin fun! The crafts have been flyin round here. Tis great when ya got the time to fiddle with it! And time is the greatest thing that has been given to us here in the last eight or so weeks! Wwwwwooooo-wwwhhoooooooo! So run and tell that! Big ole shit eaten grin and a birdie finger! It's clear as the news paper on the wall! *wink*

Have a great Tuesday! Bubba

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sharks in the water


Ever feel like the sharks are out ta getcha on Monday mornins Possum's? It's either that or lyin,deceivin Preacher named A.K.! Their pretty much the same. But anyway, the weather has turned off cold here in the south. The country music strummin fingers are froze for sure! But the world keeps spinnin round and round! Because you can't stop the beat!

The world is a bright new shiney place every mornin even if it is overcast. Great day in the mornin! The biggest howdy from The Sock Drawer I can muster on Monday mornin! The coffee pot is a brewin up a big ole cup of JO as we speak. Light your flavored candles and fill the bubble bath! Wwwooooo-wwhhooooo! Splash goes the Sock Monkey! Splish splash I was taken a bath! I'll need a cigarette after all that.

It's a brand new week with lots goin on! I'll not tell ya whats on the drawin board just yet. It'll be a big ole surprise! Not ta worry Possum's,it'll be a walk in the park. With a shark. Savannah Jane better get her walkin shoes tied up cause the shark has got a lot for her ta say to me! Hey Mama welcome to the 60's! Where you been?

All of lifes answers can be found along the old road. Or ya'll can just dance a jig down the yellow brick road or ya can just sing Sir Elton John's version. The choice is yours ya know. I store my nuts in a sock for the winter. I have to fill the log all the way up to the top.

Have a great Monday! Bubba

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Peekin at the city


Good Sunday mornin Possum's! Ain't it cold out? What the hey?! As I fire up the heat this mornin to take the chill out of the air inside the Sock Drawer. Get myself the hottest cup of coffee I can find! Come ta think of it,I'll just sit in the coffee pot itself as I were sittin in a hot tub! Sure it'll stain my sock,bit I'm already old lookin anyway! What's a few more stains?

Pull a tooto out of my ass and dance around the heatin unit! Fall time has arrived in full swing here in Nashville. Pumpkins and mums everwhere! The warm fall colors are a sight to behold. Scare crows poppin up around every corner. Spook houses preparin for their big openins. Halloween is on it's way! Listen...Ya'll have a great Sunday while I go run naked in the cold ya hear? Bubba

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Is it the New Years Pumpkin


Good evenin one and all Possum's! Looky here! Seems I got my Pumpkin! If ya'll remember last year,I saved it for New Years day pumpkin. Twill it be this year? Maybe........we'll just have to wait and see.

Had a great storm today! Not like the travel tornato in the Outter Zone. Only DG can muster those. That and her evil sister. She'll send the flyin monkeys after ya'll! The mystic man says the gray Gail does not exist. Only a story. It's clearly written in Bridget Jones diary. Mark is her one and only witness.


Monday, October 5, 2009

It's cold in the south


It's just plain chilly Possum's! Yep! I'd say it's cold. Both yesterday and today have been cold out. Kind of early for this kind of weather. Had to turn the heat on to take the chill out of the air! And we also got more rain this weekend. The plants are lovin it! So I wonder off to the kitchen for a hot cup of JO! Warm up my Sock insides. Now that I'm warm and cuddly we can get down to blog business.

Went to the thrift store last week and found a bag full of yarn. Thought I'd take it home for craft projects. When I got home and opened the bag,I found granny squares completed inside. Well...I've never crocheted in my life. So I thought I'd give it a try. See if I could crochet them together. The crochet hook came with it all. So I started a simple chain stitch and put them all together. Somehow I figured it out and they are all together now. So then I got interested in tryin to further carry on. I went back to the thrift store and found other scraps of yarn so I could pratice and teach myself how to crochet. It got bigger and bigger! Looks like I might have an afgan to keep me warm on the sofa this winter. It can now cover me while I work on it. It's not a pretty afgan,but a good one to practice on.

It's been a crafty week indeed. Created another Sock creature. Not a Sock Monkey mind ya,but a creature. Twas a fun adventure. Mr. Spiderwick would be proud.

I hope you guys have a wonderful week! Bubba

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Woooo whooooooo


As the roller coaster flies! Good mornin my Possum's! Its a lovely day here in Nashville! The air is cool and the sun is out for the day! The leaves fall softly to the ground. All things wonderful are all around. I crank the day up with a cup of chocolate truffle coffee. I twist up a cigarette and enjoy the brisk cool air of the mornin!

If life seems a bit hard today just jump into a travel twister and head to OZ! They tell me I'll find the emerald at the gray Gail. The journey there is quite an experience to behold. Just hold my hand,nothing can hurt us when we're together and don't let go! The magic is strong in us!

So head down to the lake house! There's a magical mailbox waitin for a letter. The letter that travels through time itself. You'll find that the letter that comes back to ya'll is dated two years past. And with that,I'll leave ya'll for a great blessed Saturday! Bubba